I've been on both sides of the microphone, as a reporter conducting an interview and as an athlete being interviewed. I've competed in World Championship triathlons, captained my collegiate varsity swim team and finished two Ironman triathlons. But, when my college swimming career came to a close in February 2017, my focus shifted to a new part of my life, the professional reporter and media scholar side. Sports, and a natural love of reading, brought me into the journalism industry in high school, and I've carved out my niche and grown my passion since then. My academic research interests emerged from this background, and I aim to create athlete-centric research that amplifies the lived experience of women in sports. Olympic sports excite me greatly, and my background as a competitive athlete allows me to tell stories and conduct research with a unique perspective. 



Purpose2Play, August 2016-Present

  • Write features on athletes overcoming adversity

  • Work directly with site founder, Kim Constantinesco to generate story ideas


American University

Class of 2017; Major: BA, Journalism, GPA: 3.98

Honors: Patriot League Honor Roll Member, University Honors Program Member, Dean’s List, AU Honors and Scholars Award Winner for Outstanding Leadership and Outstanding Senior Scholarship, President's Award Winner, Charles W. Van Award Winner, Honors Capstone Honorable Mention Distinction  

Relevant Courses:

  • How the News Media Shaped History (COMM-270)

  • Critical Media and the Consumer/Participant (HNRS-302)

  • Sports Writing and Reporting (COMM-426)

  • Digital Skills (COMM-305)

  • Sports Journalism (COMM-326)Communication Law (COMM-401)

  • Cross Cultural Communication (SIS-140)

  • Collegiate Media Studies (COMM-490)

  • Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Media (COMM-396)

  • Women in Sports Media (HNRS-498)

Sports Illustrated, May 2016-August 2016

  • Edited copy and assisted in fact-checking for the magazine

  • Represented the Sports Journalism Institute and the Association of Women in Sports Media scholarship programs

The Eagle, March 2014-Present 


  • Led a staff of over 30 writers and editors to produce online daily content for the website and produce two print editions each semester as editor-in-chief

  • Worked as sports editor and led a team of half a dozen to cover athletic events on campus

  • -Published print editions that helped The Eagle earn recognition as the "Pinnacle Award for Best Four-Year Less Than Weekly" newspaper in the country

AOL.com, March 2015-June 2016

  • Produced sports articles as a member of the College Contributor Network

  • Covered events ranging from college basketball to professional cycling 


University of Stirling, Fulbright Scholar

MSc, Gender Studies

Campus Involvement: University Triathlete, Sports Editor of Brig Newspaper, Air3 Radio Sports Show Co-Host, Finalist for Student Journalism Association Best Feature Article

Relevant Courses:

  • Feminist Research (GNDPP02)

  • Quantitative Data Analysis (ASRP004)

  • Qualitative Data Analysis (ASRP005)

  • Managing and Developing a Diverse Workforce (HRMPP04)

Yahoo Sports, May 2017-August 2017

Pitched, researched and wrote sports feature stories including an in-depth analysis of women’s participation numbers in the Olympics and a look at housing discrimination in the NFL and the NBA
• Produced dozens of stories on moment-to-moment news across all sports
• Assisted in the release of Yahoo’s first “Women in Football” series that profiled women in the sport and the emerging role of female coaches and players at all levels in football 

Brig Newspaper, September 2017-June 2018


  • Served as co-sports editor for University of Stirling's award-winning student newspaper

  • Covered University of Stirling sporting events for the website and the quarterly print editions

  • Participated in weekly Facebook Live broadcasts to share sports news with the campus community

  • Honored as a finalist for Best Sports Coverage in the 2018 by the Student Journalism Association

USA Today, May 2015-August 2015

  • Pitched two original stories each week to the Managing Editors of USA Today College

  • Conducted interviews and research topics to complete weekly articles

News and Observer, March 2013-August 2013

  • Reported on high school athletic events on deadline

Turner Sports, NCAA Digital, 2018-Present

  • Responsible for day-to-day website operations for the NCAA.com

  • Pitch and produce feature stories on NCAA athletes 

2019- Present

University of Maryland

PhD, Journalism                        

Campus Involvement: Instructor of Record Graduate Teaching Assistant, Collegiate Triathlon National Qualifier

Relevant Courses: 

  • Journalism Communication Theory (JOUR601)

  • Mass Media History (JOUR610)

  • Quantitative Research Methods (JOUR775)

  • Qualitative Research Methods (JOUR776)

  • Advanced Public Communication Theory (JOUR801)

  • Developed and executed a social media strategy for NCAA wrestling across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the 2019-2020 season
    • Produced weekly written content for NCAA.com including features, analysis, previews match recaps
    • Grew engagement by 55.5% and increased impressions by 44.1% across all three platforms in one season
    • Increased impressions on Twitter from Nov. 1, 2019 to March 4, 2020 by 358.8% and doubled both number of posts and video views on the platform
    • Launched a "Team of the Week" campaign that recognized 15 teams for outstanding performances over the course of the season

NCAA Wrestling Social Media Coordinator, August 2019-March 2020

Academic Portfolio


Master's Thesis: The London 2012 Olympics marked a critical moment in women’s sporting history, as every national delegation participating in the Games included at least one female athlete, and women could, for the first time, compete in all of the same sporting events as their male counterparts. However, while the percentage of female athletes in the Olympics has been increasing, and women are now able to compete in more events than ever before, women still do not make up a full 50% of the participants. Feminist sports media scholars have suggested that this lack of representation, and the corresponding lack of media coverage for the athletes competing, reinforces the idea of the female athlete as “other,” a secondary class of participants in a male-dominated space. Though the Olympics do traditionally offer more coverage for women than year-round sporting events, women continue to be underrepresented, even in Olympic media. This study aims to assess how the media coverage of Olympic sportswomen in The Times and The Sunday Times has changed over the course of the last three Olympics, 2008, 2012 and 2016 to determine if equality has been reached in the press. Articles, photographs and bylines were assessed as a way to measure the representation of women in the sports section of these two papers during the three Olympic periods. The findings reveal that media coverage of Olympic sportswomen in The Times and The Sunday Times has not reach equality across any measures from 2008 to 2016. The percentage of articles devoted to women and bylines produced by women in The Times and The Sunday Times did not increase across all three Olympics, with both bylines by women and articles about women reaching their highest percentage in 2012. Photographs of sportswomen in action, another marker of women’s representation, however did increase from 2008 to 2016, suggesting a shift toward visually highlighting female athleticism in Olympic media.

COMM-495- Undergraduate Capstone: More women’s sports were offered at the 2012 Olympic Games than ever before in history, and women received nearly equal media coverage during the Olympic period itself. However, in the months following the international sporting competition, female athletes fell out of the limelight almost immediately. The 2016 Games demonstrated a similar trend. 


Through interviews with 25 different editors, writers, athletes, scholars and historians, this paper attempts to explain why the disparity between men’s and women’s sports media coverage exists. Scholars suggest that “lag time” may be needed before the quality and quantity of women in sports media reaches the level and popularity of men in sports media, but the London 2012 “equality” Games may have been a turning point toward greater representation. 


This website, and capstone project "Women in Sports Media", assesses the degree to which this inequality exists and attempts to offer solutions that might help solve the problem. 

Read more: http://ss9494b.wixsite.com/womeninsports

COMM-490- Undergraduate Independent Study: Collegiate Media Studies started out as an opportunity to explore student media publications around Washington, D.C., but the project developed into an assessment of free speech on college campuses, an evaluation of successful media business practices and a critical look into the operations of five student newspapers. The four blog posts take readers behind the desks of students editors from George Washington University, Howard University, Georgetown University and Catholic University for an inside look at how these leaders guide, inspire and lead their staffs to excellence. The "Media History" tab provides a comprehensive research study on the historical relevance of these papers and the important role that student media played in covering the events of Sept. 11, 2001. For further questions or more information about this project, please contact Shannon Scovel.


Read More Here: http://ss9494b.wixsite.com/comm490dcmedia